Coco Pith

     From 2014 we are the manufacturing of composed cocopith and supplies to the  all nursery and terrace gardening, we are using organic & natural methord for composting cocopith. 

  What is Enriched Composed Coco Pith?

     It is the non-fibrous spongy, light weight, cocky material that holds the coir fiber in coconut husk. After the extraction from the coconut husk , it is composed by enriching the nutrition and controlling the EC and PH in coco pith.When compare to normal coco pith, composed coco pith makes the perfect medium for germination and uniform growth of plants.

     It is a versatile planting medium processed out of coconut husk. Essentially a by- product of coir fiber extraction process, coco pith makes a fantastic medium for seed germination, rooting, soil less farming and lot more. Its air filled porosity and high water holding capacity makes it an ideal growing medium for the plants crops.

  Advantages of coco peat

 ✓ Eco friendly and sustainable growing medium.

 ✓ High moisture retention capacity.

 ✓ High cation exchange capacity.

 ✓ Improves soil aeration.

 ✓ Improves soil buffering capacity.

 ✓ Mostly tolerant to pH variation.

 ✓ Can buffer water soluble nutrients.